Following The Purposeful Photographer workshop, I hosted a little get-together for a group of 4 ladies who were unable to attend the big event.

Being a small group, we were able to get WAY more personal with our stories and dive deeper into challenging areas. I loved the level of intimacy that we were able to achieve. Rather than me stand up and lecture, it felt as though we were 5 friends having a discussion around the lunch table.

Although I had my presentation with me, we moved naturally through the different topics, stopping and starting and jumping around as the conversation flowed.

After all the theory, we allowed some time for a shoot. We started by taking photos of our lovely ‘bride’ having her make up done. We chatted about lens selection, angles and how best to move around the makeup artist and bridal party without getting in the way. Thank you Jessica Campbell for volunteering your time to do Caitlin’s makeup! 

Once Caitlin was all done up, we each got a turn to photograph the couple. It was pretty cool to watch one another direct and move around the couple.

I was able to show them how I find ways to relax the couple and bring out the best in them (spoiler alert: Lame Dad jokes are the way)

Success is a journey, not a destination

The biggest problem I see photographers dealing with, is their mindset – confidence, self worth, and issues around charging for their services and the biggest stumbling blocks on the road to success.

I think because there is no certificate awarded or oath taken or crown received, it’s hard to stand up and confidently call yourself a professional photographer. 

It would be way easier if we took a test and had someone say to us – right, well done, you’re a photographer and according to ‘the International Standard of Photography’ you may charge industry standard rates of X. 

A lot of my work with photographers has been around the topic of confidence and value. 

It wasn’t all mind-work though. We were also able to talk about lighting (how to find it and use it), posing, creating emotion, composition and camera settings. 

I really thoroughly enjoy these sessions, and would LOVE to do more work with small groups.

The insight and input from the other attendees is hugely valuable and the support they have given one another post workshop has been phenomenal. I think the small group session is the most beneficial way to learn.